Teaching English pronunciation to speakers of other languages: from tedious to terrific

Presented by: Rowena Bata

Event Information: 6 PD Hours 

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In many English classes, the explicit teaching of pronunciation is sometimes neglected, often on the grounds that it is boring, too difficult, or less important than other areas of language acquisition. This workshop, designed for EAL teachers, will focus on the “what” and “how” of teaching English pronunciation to speakers of other languages. During the day, participants will explore:

  • The pros and cons of teaching the International Phonetic Alphabet
  • The role of phonics and the relationship between spelling and sounds
  • Suprasegmental aspects such as intonation, stress, rhythm and connected speech, and ways to teach them
  • Tech tools for teaching pronunciation
  • Ways for students to practise pronunciation outside the classroom
  • Attitudes to accents
  • Ways to break down the barriers to good pronunciation

This is a hands-on workshop and participants will come away with a host of new ideas for activities that go far beyond “listen and repeat”. 

Participants will need to bring a laptop with them to participate fully in the workshop.

Event Details:


Friday 18th October, 2019

  9.30am - 3.30pm (Reg. from 8.30am)

Karstens Conference Centre
123 Queen Street, Melbourne

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Target Audience: Primary and Secondary EAL Teachers.

  $279.00 + GST

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About the Presenter:

Rowena Bata has been a Languages teacher for 25 years and she has worked at schools in Victoria as well as in France, Papua New Guinea and Malaysia. She has held various positions of leadership and has taught students of all ages, from Prep to adult. Rowena holds a Master’s degree in Linguistics and she is a Microsoft Innovative Educator Trainer. She is interested in bridging the gap between second language acquisition theory and what happens in a classroom, and she has a particular focus on the role that technology can play in the language learning process. Rowena has a wealth of experience that she brings to her presentations and her workshops are always practical and full of ideas for teachers to take away and use in their class immediately.


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