Effectively Teaching Autistic Children in Mainstream Classrooms

Presented by: Greg Mitchell

Event Information: 6 PD Hours 

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Australian Professional Standards for Teachers 1.5, 1.6 and 4.1 will be a main focus during this workshop.

Having an Autistic student in your class can be a baffling, challenging and an often frustrating occurrence but it can be a totally different and rewarding experience with a little bit of knowledge and a range of quite simple strategies This workshop investigates the major dynamics of having an Autistic child in a mainstream classroom and provides a simple proven framework to help teachers successfully teach all students in their class.

The workshop includes:

  • The rise of Autism in Australian mainstream classrooms.
  • Understanding Autism, the patterns and commonalities and the exceptions
  • How to differentiate instruction to meet specific learning needs of autistic students.
  • How to create schedules, routines and warning systems to help Autistic students cope with changes in the classroom.
  • How to develop flexible learning time frames for all which enable Autistic students processing time but to not disrupt full class participation.
  • How to organise your classroom environment to accommodate the physical needs of Autistic students.
  • How to engage parents and carers in the education process to support a common approach to student learning.
  • How to develop whole schools strategies that help students and teachers when transitioning students around the school and from class to class.
  • How to develop strategies for helping Autistic children cope in the playground.
  • A downloadable (Bring a USB stick) set of resources that explain the condition and provide notes, connections and advice.

Event Details:


Wednesday 30th October, 2019

  9.30am - 3.30pm (Reg. from 8.30am)

 Saxons Training Facilities,

Level 6 - 500 Collins Street,

Melbourne, Victoria.


Target Audience: All Primary & Secondary Teachers, Teacher Aides & Special Education Staff who work with autistic children.

  $279.00 + GST

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About the Presenter:

Greg Mitchell has taught every year level from year one to year twelve in his teaching career and has a wealth of teaching insights, ploys, methods and resources to share on teaching and learning. He now does teaching demonstrations with classrooms throughout Australia. His aim is to demonstrate to both teachers and students how it is possible to engage everyone in learning by using a mixture of planning, resources, tactics, skills and strategies.

Greg suffers from enthusiasm and a great desire to share all of his resources with as many teachers as he can.


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