The Mindset Manoeuvre

Presented by: Sally Learey

Event Information: 6 PD Hours 

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Since Carol Dweck’s 2006 book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, the words “growth mindset” burst into life bringing acknowledgement and encouragement for effort with it and many schools have embraced the challenge of building gritty kids.

This is an interesting concept and rightfully has been embedded as practice in states all over Australia BUT DID YOU KNOW THAT THERE ARE TWO MORE MINDSETS THAT CAN CONTINUE THE JOURNEY FOR YOUR SCHOOL?

The addition of the Benefit and Universal mindset to your schools repertoire will enable you to teach mindset agility to your students as well as giving you the ability to mindfully analyse and align your schools processes, strategies and structures.

The workshop will also provide you with new perceptions of how mindset focused teaching practices can be embedded into everyday classrooms.
The Mindset Manoeuvre workshop is and interactive event with a bundle of stunning insights which enable you almost instantly start upgrading classroom teaching practises, teaching intentionality and leadership purpose.

In this workshop you get to truly understand the three dimensions of all four mindsets starting with the three developmental...

  • Fixed Mindset
  • Growth Mindset and
  • Benefit Mindset where we learn how to become not only best in the world, but being the best for the world.

You will also learn how to develop the executive functioning that drives the Universal Mindset and teaches metacognition, right judgement and mental health. All of this helps leaders, teachers and students understand the mindsets which deliver maximum benefit with sound judgement which focuses purposefully on when you do, what you do for maximum benefit for the most people.

Event Details:


Wednesday 5th June, 2019

  9.30am - 3.30pm (Reg. from 8.30am)

 Melbourne CBD 

Venue to be advised.

Target Audience: All Primary and Secondary Teachers.

  $279.00 + GST

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About the Presenter

Greg Mitchell has taught every year level from year one to year twelve in his teaching career and has a wealth of teaching insights, ploys, methods and resources to share on teaching and learning. He now does teaching demonstrations with classrooms throughout Australia. His aim is to demonstrate to both teachers and students how it is possible to engage everyone in learning by using a mixture of planning, resources, tactics, skills and strategies.
Greg suffers from enthusiasm and a great desire to share all of his resources with as many teachers as he can.

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