Fantastic Feedback

Presented by: Greg Mitchell 

Event Information: 6 PD Hours 

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How using descriptive feedback improves grades, includes students and makes behaviour better.

Every time we grade a student’s work, we create an unhappiness that instead of inspiring students to learn and grow, we nurture rivalry and encourage anxiety.

This workshop is built around the simple but powerful notion that all assessment that lacks self-assessment on the part of the student is a waste of valuable time. This highly engaging and practical workshop explores a multitude of different ways that teachers can improve student engagement, understanding and motivation through teaching and using descriptive feedback that transforms marking from a chore to a delight.

This workshop covers:

  • Why formative and summative arguments are a waste of good brain cells.
  • The concept of Radical Candour and how it effects students’ performance.
  • Four types of oral feedback and how and when to use them.
  • How to avoid Rubbish Rubrics and set clear descriptive goals.
  • Three Different essential goal setting mechanisms.
  • How even the most challenging of material can be learned with creative feedback loops that keep students engaged, informed and improving.
  • How SODA (Self-Assessment, Observation, Discussion and Analysis) become a natural fit for any classroom.
  • How behaviour management improves with direct feedback.
  • The amazing power of Anxiety Parties.

Teachers leave the workshop with a multitude of resources, ideas and support materials

Event Details:


Wednesday 22nd May, 2019

  9.30am - 3.30pm (Reg. from 8.30am)

 Batman's Hill on Collins

629 Collins street,

Melbourne, Victoria.

Target Audience: All Primary & Secondary Teachers.

  $279.00 + GST

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About the Presenter

Greg Mitchell has taught every year level from year one to year twelve in his teaching career and has a wealth of teaching insights, ploys, methods and resources to share on teaching and learning. He now does teaching demonstrations with classrooms throughout Australia. His aim is to demonstrate to both teachers and students how it is possible to engage everyone in learning by using a mixture of planning, resources, tactics, skills and strategies.

Greg suffers from enthusiasm and a great desire to share all of his resources with as many teachers as he can.

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