Excellent Strategies to Support Students with Special Needs

Attention all Melbourne based teachers!

We are proud to welcome back our presenters Greg Mitchell and Jo Prestia who will each be presenting a workshop next month catering for teachers of students with special needs.


How To Teach Students With Anxiety to Build Confidence & Improve Achievement WITH GREG MITCHELL

Melbourne, Victoria
Tuesday June 12

This workshop investigates how to handle anxious students with research proven methods.
It examines how classroom teachers and schools in general can develop teaching environments that address issues such as:

  • The rise of anxiety as a disorder.
  • The dimensions and types of anxiety disorders.
  • How to develop resilience and grit in all students to enhance their learning performance.
  • How to teach coping skills by developing a social and emotional skills program targeted for children with internalising difficulties.
  • How to recognise stress triggers and develop instructional options that enable students to manage apprehension and participate more.
  • How to discourage avoidance by differentiating instruction and using smaller steps in stressful work situation so as to improve achievement.
  • How to develop simple classroom procedures that enable all students to answer questions without excessive fear responses.
  • How to select resources that help differentiate instruction for anxious students and improve their learning.
  • How to create support for full participation particularly for students who have anxiety as a symptom of another disability, such as autism.
  • How to help students and parents create realistic expectations, develop independence and seek help when needed.
  • How to build a stress response network in your school.

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Practical Strategies for Teaching Non-Funded Students with Special Needs WITH JO PRESTIA

Wheelers Hill, Victoria
Friday June 15

Here participants will investigate:

  • Differences between differentiating and modifying work.
  • Learning preferences.
  • Goal setting.
  • Technological assistance.
  • Individual Learning Plans.
  • Assessment.
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If you're unable to attend please note that both speakers will be presenting at our eighth "Teaching & Supporting Students with Special Needs" national conference in August.

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