The Mental Health & Wellbeing of Young People

National Conference

The Mental Health & Wellbeing of Young People - Applicable to Teachers, School Leaders, Heads of School, YLCs, Student Support Staff, Other Professionals Working with Young People.

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Focus of the Conference

1. Develop new programs that can better support and progress these students through their schooling experience.

2. Embrace through the Key-Note and Workshop immersion experiences, the new ideas/strategies that can be implemented into the mainstream classroom.

3. Brilliant ideas and strategies to understand inform and support young people who may be experiencing Mental Health Issues.

4. Acknowledge and understand the wealth of Support Agencies that can assist young people with Mental Health issues.

5. Allow the opportunity for participants to network through the Sessions/Morning Teas/ Lunches.


DAY ONE – Thursday 24th May, 2018

8.30am onwards Registration.

9.00am – 9.10am House-Keeping details for the Conference.

9.10am – 10.20am Keynote address by Nathan Wallis “Brain-based Teaching to Support Mental Health & Student Well-Being.”

10.20am – 10.30am De-brief of keynote address.

10.30am – 11.00am Morning Tea.

11.00am – 12.30pm Workshops (A – D)

  • Workshop A Nathan Wallis “Understanding & Supporting children in their Early Years of Primary School.”
  • Workshop B David Vinegrad “Strategies to Turn Difficult Conversations into a Win-Win for all Participants.”
  • Workshop C Sally Learey “Building Wellbeing in Schools through Positive Psychology Practices”
  • Workshop D Greg Mitchell “Educating Emotions.”

12.30pm – 1.10pm Lunch

1.10pm – 2.30pm Workshops (E – H)

  • Workshop E David Vinegrad “Strategies to Support Adolescents to Reduce Stress & Cope with Trauma.”
  • Workshop F Greg Mitchell “Teaching Positive Psychology.”
  • Workshop G Nathan Wallis “Understanding the Nuances of the Teenage Years to support Adolescents Mental Health.”
  • Workshop H Sally Learey “Tuning into Emotional Intelligence to Foster Emotional Competence, Resilience and Wellbeing.”

2.40pm – 4.00pm Workshops (I- L)

  • Workshop I David Vinegrad “Fostering Greater Academic Success & Student Well-Being by Understanding the Complexity of the Adolescent Brain and Why it Needs Relationships!”
  • Workshop J Greg Mitchell “Work vs Life Balance.”
  • Workshop K Sharon Witt “Building Resilience in Children: How to help our young people fill their Resilience backpack.”
  • Workshop L Jenn Colechin “Introduction to the Berry Street Education Model.”


DAY TWO – Friday 25th May, 2018

8.00am – 8.30am Registration.

8.30am – 8.40am House-Keeping details.

8.40am – 9.50am Key-Note Presenters – Nell Golden & Andrea Downie “Is the pursuit of pleasure wreaking havoc on our youth and society?”

10.00am – 10.30am Morning Tea

10.30am – 11.40am Workshops (M-P)

  • Workshop M Jules Haddock “Non-Suicidal Self Injury NSSI – Strategies to Assist Students Better Cope and Perform more Successfully in the Classroom.”
  • Workshop N Nell Golden & “How to Develop and Increase a Student’s Resilience and Well-Being in & Andrea Downie the Classroom.”
  • Workshop O Jane Langley “Supportive Strategies for Building Social and Emotional Competence in a Primary Classroom.”
  • Workshop P Greg Mitchell “Understanding Adolescent Resilience.”

11.40am – 12.50pm Keynote address by Dr Judith Howard - “Trauma-Aware Schooling in Australia!”

12.50pm – 1.30pm Lunch

1.30pm – 2.40pm Workshops (Q-T)

  • Workshop Q Andrea Downie & “Building Thriving schools. Disrupting our Mental Health Crisis.” Nell Golden
  • Workshop R Greg Mitchell “Managing & Embracing School Systems to develop Psychological Safety for Everyone.”
  • Workshop S Jane Langley “Teaching Students to Recognise and Manage their Emotions to Maintain a Sound Sense of Well-Being.”
  • Workshop T Jules Haddock “Help create a Warrior of Learning, not a Worrier of Learning, by assisting students to manage anxiety.”

2.45pm – 3.00pm Final Address & Closure of Conference by Greg Mitchell.


Event Details:


Thursday 24th May, 2018 & Friday 25th May, 2018

  8.30am - 4.00pm (Reg. from 8.30am)

Melbourne Cricket Ground,

Brunton Avenue, Richmond

Melbourne, Victoria Australia.

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  Target Audience - Teachers, School Leaders, Heads of School, YLCs, Student Support Staff, Other Professionals Working with Young People
  One Day: $AU449 GST Incl.
Two Days: $AU 699 GST Incl. (No split bookings)

Download PD Brochure

About the Presenters:

For full details of the presenter for this event please read the Conference Brochure by Clicking Here

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