Early Careers Teachers’ Conference

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Early Careers Teachers’ Conference - Applicable to all teachers in their first five years of Teaching.

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From Survival to Success

According to Harry Wong, teachers go through four stages on their way to becoming effective teachers.

From Fantasy to Survival through Mastery to creating a real Impact.

The aim of the Critical Agendas Early Career Teacher Conference is to assist Beginning Teachers in their first five years of teaching, to move as quickly as possible from Survival to Mastery.

Using interactive discussion and a discovery model, beginning teachers get to share and hear about their journey so far with early career teachers from throughout Australia and also get to work with some of the most inspirational and experienced classroom practitioners who have a wealth of knowledge, guile, experience and insight to help them on their expedition.

The conference is framed around six key areas of a teacher’s life.

  1. Professional Responsibilities.
  2. Effectively Managing a Classroom.
  3. Instructional Efficiency.
  4. Behaviour Management.
  5. Assessment for Learning.
  6. Looking After You.

Here are the parameters we have in mind that will form the basis of this exciting Conference.

1. Professional Responsibilities

Welcome to Teaching...

  • Developing professional relationships with students.
  • Maintaining classroom order and control.
  • Remaining positive throughout the year.
  • Earning and keeping respect.
  • Creating a professional image.

2. Essential Classroom Management Techniques…

Making the classroom run…

  • Classroom Management and appropriate Relationships for Learning.
  • Defining Your Expectations and Creating Effective Rules.
  • How to Teach Students about Rules.
  • Classroom Routines You Need To Teach.
  • Use Time Strategically To Increase Learning.
  • Creating the” Flow” that Makes Everything Easier.
  • Effective Ways to Handle Class Interruptions.
  • The Misbehaving Student, the Class, and You.
  • Don’t Get Tough Get Gentle.

3. Powerful Instructional Strategies

Getting the best out of every student

  • Start Your Teaching With The End In Mind.
  • Getting Students to operate on Higher and lower order Thinking.
  • Making Your Teaching Stick.
  • Breaking It Down To Increase Learning.
  • How to Accelerate Learning.
  • Questioning Techniques to Strengthen Your Teaching.
  • Commanding Students’ Attention and Asking the Right Questions.
  • When Students Talk About their learning… metacognition

4. Behaviour Management

The core principals of positive behaviour leadership and discipline skills

  • The language of correction and discipline.
  • How to establish a class, while covering basics such as initiating and sustaining attention, engagement and motivation, noise levels and time-on-task.
  • How to develop a class behaviour agreement – whole class/developing rights, responsibilities and rules.
  • Following up and following-through with students, especially those who present with on-going ‘behaviour problems’.
  • Developing effective use of ‘time-out’.
  • Using behaviour consequences.
  • Managing frustration and anger in behaviour management situations.
  • Managing challenging students in and out of class.
  • Key aspects of colleague support – peer coaching/ mentoring/appraisal.

5. Assessment for learning

How developing assessment with students makes assessment manageable.

  • Sharing learning objectives with students.
  • Developing students’ awareness about their aims and the standards.
  • Involving your students in their learning.
  • Constructive feedback.
  • Reflection for improvement.

6. Teacher Well Being

  • Building Community.
  • Finding Hopeful, Positive Mentors.
  • Asking for Help and Demand Good Professional Development.
  • Observing Other Teachers.
  • Doing Home Visits.
  • Writing Down Your Vision for Yourself as a Teacher.
  • Don’t Neglect Your Body.
  • Do Something Non-Teaching Related.
  • Cataloguing Every Single Success in the Classroom.
  • Taking a Day Off.

For full event details please read the Conference Brochure by Clicking Here

Event Details:

  Thursday 8th March & Friday 9th March, 2018
  9.00am - 4.00pm (Reg. from 8.30am)

Jasper Hotel

489 Elizabeth Street,

Melbourne, Victoria

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  Target Audience - Applicable to all teachers in their first five years of Teaching.
  One Day: $AU395 GST Incl.
Two Days: $AU 595 GST Incl. (No split bookings)

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About the Presenters:

For full details of the presenter for this event please read the Conference Brochure by Clicking Here

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