Work Versus Life Balance

Presented by: Greg Mitchell

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How teachers can get better at both and not lose their job, mind or marriage.

The following is a quote by a school leader in Victoria…

“I have found that many teachers are struggling with the changing role of the teacher, they are expected to be counsellors, security guards, mediators, experts in industrial relations, human resources, strategists, financial consultants, administrators, data entry clerks, IT experts, trouble shooters, supervisors, behavioural experts, psychologists, nutritionists, consultants, let alone the increasing demands on note taking, adverse actions, system requirements and follow up.”

This highly practical, entertaining workshop explores the never ending battle that all teachers deal with as they try to manage the ever-increasing desires of their school and their families.

Using an approach that investigates how small things matter. You will learn that being more balanced doesn’t mean a dramatic upheaval in your life. With the smallest investment in the right places, you can radically transform the quality of your relationships and the quality of your life.

You will receive in this workshop over one hundred insights which will help you get through the struggling juggling world of teaching by developing habits that enable you to have you improve your “Enoughinality” and give you…

  • Enough focus to make you excellent at your job and your role (without having to rely on your job for your self-esteem).
  • Enough emotional energy to provide the nurturing care that a child, parent, partner or friend needs (without hovering over every aspect of their lives).
  • Enough effort to create a good home, open to friends and family (whilst still ensuring that it is your sanctuary).
  • Enough dates in the diary to provide culture, entertainment and sharing with friends (without having to see and be seen in three places at one time).
  • Enough time to think on your drive to and from work and home (without killing your children or others in a fit of sibling rivalry induced road rage).
  • Enough self-control not to answer unnecessary calls or emails (without ignoring those that will help others to make key decisions or make them feel you care).
  • Enough exercise to keep fit (without having to run a marathon).
  • Enough good food and rest to keep healthy (without denying yourself the joys of life).
  • Enough confidence to say no – it’s enough already!

All of these are delivered with huge dose of day to day techniques that improve your ability to have better meetings, plan lessons, grade and assess, communicate with parents, deal with homework and create more student ownership.
This is a joyous workshop that will inspire your soul, lift your spirits and give a revitalizing break from school.

Event Details:

  30th October, 2017
  9.30am - 3.30pm (Reg. from 8.30am)

Jasper Hotel

489 Elizabeth St, Melbourne

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  Target Audience - All Primary and Secondary Teachers and Support Staff
  $306.90 GST Incl.

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About the Presenter

Greg Mitchell has taught every year level from year one to year twelve in his teaching career and has a wealth of teaching insights, ploys, methods and resources to share on teaching and learning. He now does teaching demonstrations with classrooms throughout Australia. His aim is to demonstrate to both teachers and students how it is possible to engage everyone in learning by using a mixture of planning, resources, tactics, skills and strategies.

Greg suffers from enthusiasm and a great desire to share all of his resources with as many teachers as he can.

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