The Effective & Practical use of iPads in the Classroom

Presented by: Andrew Douch

Teacher PD Event Information: 6 Teacher PD Hours       

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There is a huge difference between implementing a school iPad program and truly harnessing the potential of iPads to redefine teaching and learning practice.

In the past several years, many schools have put iPads in the hands of their students but often they end up being used for little more than internet research and typing up assignment work! (At the S end of the SAMR model). Sometimes, teachers have found the easy access to games and other distractions is a hindrance to learning and a few schools have even questioned whether iPads were the right choice in the first place!This workshop is designed to reinvigorate your school’s iPad program if you have one, or if you are about to introduce iPads, to set you off on the right foot.

Far from being ‘just another iPad PD program’ that shows teachers ‘which buttons to press’, the focus of this workshop is predominantly pedagogical. In it, Andrew will share proven ideas, suggest novel uses for apps and explore strategies to leverage the unique affordances of the iPad in order to create a more meaningful and engaging classroom experience for students. The aim is to help you shift your class from the bottom of Blooms Taxonomy (‘Remember’ and ‘Understand’) to the top (‘Apply’, ‘Analyse’, ‘Evaluate’ and ‘Create’).

The apps, ideas and workflows in this program will promote:

  • Creative thinking
  • A publishing mindset
  • Entrepreneurial thinking
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Strategies for managing time and attention.

In addition, teachers will learn some practical utilities, tools and workflows for using and managing iPads more productively in the classroom.

Event Details:

  30th October, 2017
  9.30am - 3.30pm (Reg. from 8.30am)

Jasper Hotel
489 Elizabeth St, Melbourne

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  Target Audience - Target Audience: Primary and Secondary Teachers and Teacher Aides at all year levels.
  $328.90 GST Incl.

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About the Presenter

Andrew Douch is an independent education consultant and a teacher with 22 years classroom experience. In 2011 he championed the introduction of an iPad program at his school, Wanganui Park Secondary College, Shepparton - one of the first schools tosuccessfully implement a large-scale iPad program. In recent years Andrew has won numerous awards for his work with emerging technologies in education, including an Australian Government Award for Quality Schooling, the Victorian Education Excellence Award for Curriculum Innovation, the Microsoft Worldwide Innovative Teacher of the Year and an IMS Global Learning Impact Leadership Award. His mantra is “You don’t need to be very good with technology to do very good things with technology”. Andrew’s message is that in the second decade, teachers no longer need to be “tech-savvy” to transform their classrooms into thriving, connected, learning communities. Rather they need a willingness to question their 20th Century paradigms and rethink their roles as educators in a world where information is available on-demand and communication is instantaneous.

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