Restorative Practices in Schools Training (A Two-Day Intensive Training Course)

Presented by: David Vinegrad

Teacher PD Event Information: 6 Teacher PD Hours       

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Restorative schools value relationships that create, repair or restore, a strong sense of community. This community responds promptly to issues and problems that arise in the classroom, yard, car park or in the staffroom. This community adheres to high levels of achievement, behaviour and support.

Relationship based education, combined with Restorative Practices, ensures that students and staff produce their best. Schools that employ these practices are safe and happy places. In restorative schools, all members set goals and devise methods to achieve them. When relationships are harmed the community commits to repairing them.

Schools that embrace restorative principals are pro-active. The safe and calm environment encourages participation and collaboration. Conversations, at all levels, are honest and constructive which in turn encourage flourishing in individuals and the collective.

This is an interactive workshop for teachers, administrators and non teaching staff. Participants will be given the opportunity to practise the language of RP and apply it to situations in their rooms, corridors or the playground.


  • Introduction and circle activities - getting relationships right.
  • Restorative Justice and Restorative Practices - rethinking behaviour management.
  • Restorative language - applying basic script theory to ‘walk the talk’.
  • Exploration of fair process - engaging hearts and minds.
  • Small group conferences - making the move from ‘telling to talking’.
  • Deconstructing the restorative script - being clear about what we are doing and why.
  • The Restorative Practices Continuum - a framework for good practice.


  • Circles and circlework - how should we treat each other?
  • Scenario facilitation - focus on tackling bullying behaviours.
  • Restorative Classroom Conferences - a no-blame approach.
  • Problem solving circles - engaging the social capital that exists in all classrooms.
  • Classroom Conferences - making teaching explicit.
  • Insight into Restorative Practices internationally - trends locally and abroad.
  • Defining Restorativeness - backwards planning and the A3 challenge.
  • Implementation in Schools - gaining momentum and overcoming resistance.
  • Policy and protocols - getting the paperwork right.

Please Note: Bookings can be made for one or both days. If choosing to attend on Day Two only it is important that you have previously completed either day one of this (or a similar) course or the previously offered one-day “Restorative Practices - An Introduction” course.

Event Details:


Day One: 25th October, 2017
Day Two: 26th October, 2017

  9.30am - 3.30pm (Reg. from 8.30am)

Olympic Hotel
31 Albert Street, Preston

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  Target Audience - Primary and Secondary Teachers.
  $306.90 GST Incl. Per Day

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About the Presenter

David Vinegrad is a well-known presenter with extensive experience in the area of behaviour management both nationally and internationally. He has highly developed skills as a facilitator, trainer, and presenter and is widely recognised as an international expert on restorative justice. He has played a major role in the introduction of restorative practices into schools in Australia and internationally and is an experienced counselor and mediator including high level management of critical incidents and school based trauma. David has over 30 years of experience working with teachers and students in a variety of diverse educational settings undertaking and developing a wide range of roles including recent work in Japan and Brazil.

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