Differentiation Getting the Best Out of Every Student

Presented by: Greg Mitchell

Teacher PD Event Information: 6 Teacher PD Hours       

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Australian Professional Standards for Teachers 1.5, 1.6 and 4.1 will be a main focus during this workshop.

Every teacher is totally aware that even in the most level of classes there are students who don’t fly with the flock. What you do as a teacher can make an enormous difference in students’ success and emotional wellbeing.

This workshop will explore how to differentiate your curriculum and explore alternate teaching activities to engage and support all students resulting in their full participation.

This workshop also explores creating instruction that gets the best out of every learner and includes a number of insights that teachers can use to raise the performance of even the most disengaged of students.

This extremely practically based workshop demonstrates how differentiate instruction to maintain student engagement and improve performance.

The workshop includes:

  • How to get the slow starters moving!
  • How to use the six major variables in differentiated instruction to improve engagement and performance.
  • How to diagnose your students operating styles so that you can choose learning approaches from a range of options.
  • How to use goal setting to assist disengaged students to gain clarity of purpose.
  • How to create assessment tasks that enable teachers to measure student performance more accurately.
  • How to develop “tiny habits” which build toward full student engagement.
  • How to use simple planning methods that help you plan not only what you teach but how you teach it.
  • A huge range of websites and technology help that can make differentiation easy.
  • How to physically organise a differentiated classroom.

Event Details:

  1st November, 2017
  9.30am - 3.30pm (Reg. from 8.30am)

Jasper Hotel

489 Elizabeth St, Melbourne

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  Target Audience - Primary and Secondary Teachers - all levels.
  $306.90 GST Incl.

Download PD Brochure

About the Presenter

Greg Mitchell has taught every year level from year one to year twelve in his teaching career and has a wealth of teaching insights, ploys, methods and resources to share on teaching and learning. He now does teaching demonstrations with classrooms throughout Australia.

His aim is to demonstrate to both teachers and students how it is possible to engage everyone in learning by using a mixture of planning, resources, tactics, skills and strategies.

Greg suffers from enthusiasm and a great desire to share all of his resources with as many teachers as he can.

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