The Anti-Bullying Essentials

Presented by: Greg Mitchell

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Program Description

The Fundamental First Principles You Can Get In Place This Year To Prevent Bullying Next Year

Great schools are made not by their buildings but by the richness of the interactions you have with other people in the school.

Unfortunately unwanted negative behaviour which verbally, psychologically, socially or physically engages an individual or group against another person and which is repeated over time is common in schools all over Australia. It’s called bullying.

Bullying takes place when you have an imbalance in power between individuals and groups and a lack of supervision and engagement by people who have the power to stop or at least moderate the potential for bullying to occur.

There are a mountain of anti-bullying materials available to schools, wrapped in words and encased in paper they tick the boxes but don’t change the relationships, the culture and the nature of supervision.

To get beyond bullying schools need to create a culture that heads off bullying before it starts and do it in such a way that it does not add to the tsunami of paper and demands that make over-worked teachers feel bullied themselves!

This approach shows you how to create a culture that cares using a range of easy to use resources, activities, stories, clips and organisational actions which promote positive collaborative problem-solving in a meaningful, practical and sensible way.

The ABE essentials show you simple ways that you can

  • Develop a positive school culture and climate.
  • Train for effective leadership at all levels.
  • Plan school-wide buy in.
  • Cultivate a shared understanding of what bullying is and its impact.
  • Foster honesty and openness in the cyber playground.
  • Implement early warning systems that uncover the seeds of harassment.
  • Effectively organise supervision and monitoring of pupils and staff.
  • Encourage staff to put relationships first.
  • Consistently record, investigate and follow up of bullying behaviour.
  • Involve parents, community and staff in creating a positive school that really cares.

Event Details:

  10th November, 2017
  9.30am - 3.30pm (Reg. from 8.30am)

Perth - Venue to be advised

  Target Audience - K to Yr 6 Teachers and Teacher Assistants.
  $306.90 GST Incl.

Download PD Brochure

About the Presenter

Greg Mitchell has been at teacher since 1980 and has work in and with schools for nearly forty years. Over this time he has seen many schools struggle with the multi-dimensional problem that bullying has become. He is totally committed to making school environments totally safe places where students, teachers and parents all grow and learn together without fear of harassment, maltreatment, oppression and cruelty.

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